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raspberry and apricot fruit tarts

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Some say there are two sides to every story. How about three? The tale of these tempting triangles begins with classic cookie dough shaped in tradition; in the middle, a delectable fruity filling; and sweet memories tie it all together for a happy ending you’ll keep telling.

13 oz per container

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight N/A
Each Container Contains Approximately 14 Fruit Tarts
Dimension 7.3 x 6.5 x 3

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for raspberry and apricot fruit tarts

  1. Denise C. (verified owner)

    These delectable cookies add a beautiful pop of color to my cookie and dessert trays! My kids love them with hot tea, as do I!

  2. Karen Teel (verified owner)

    These are absolutely delicious. I haven’t had such wonderful cookies in many years glad I found you!

  3. Shifrasgallery (verified owner)

    Good quality, great job on packaging for shipping!

  4. nancy (verified owner)

    The best ever! This is why we order them all year round. We are addicted and obsessed! Keep them coming please!

  5. KATHY PASQUALE (verified owner)

    These cookies are delicious.
    They are just the right consistency, and have a generous amount of jelly.
    They are great with coffee and tea.

  6. Linda Bromley (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. I will order again.

  7. michael valone (verified owner)

    Delicious, thank you for not changing the recipe and buy using natural ingredients. Been eating your products for 30 years. I knew Ben Reinsman personally. I was a product manager for Pathmark and my favorite vendor was Reinsman fine baked goods.

  8. Trudy Hazen (verified owner)

    Nice packaging. Family & friends enjoyed the Hamantashen. I will be reordering with Reismans bakery in the near future

  9. Diane Tillery

    The cookies are absolutely delicious. There’s not as much apricot or raspberry fill as the pictures depict, but they were very tasty

  10. michael valone (verified owner)

    I have been enjoying your products for about 40 years. The flavor and this cherished recipe bring back my childhood. Delicious. I can still remember Ben in the factory on avenue o in Brooklyn making these.

  11. Nancy (verified owner)

    The absolute best hamentashen of all time! We order several boxes at a time all year round! We love them so much!

  12. Diane (verified owner)


  13. Nancy Eisenman (verified owner)

    The best hamentashen in the country! We are obsessed and eat them all year round out of the freezer!!

  14. Anthony Balsamo (verified owner)

    Excellent fast shipping and cookies were absolutely fresh and delicious will definitely get them again.

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