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apricot rugelach swirl

(33 customer reviews)





Lovers of timeless treats are head over heels for our Apricot Rugelach. What’s not to love? A swirl of delicate pastry and tangy apricot filling sprinkled with streusel. A rendezvous with this classic confection will turn your taste buds upside down.

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight N/A
Each Container Contains Approximately 13 Apricot Rugelach Swirl
Dimensions 7.3 x 6.5 x 3

Reviews (33)

33 reviews for apricot rugelach swirl

  1. Karen Lengel (verified owner)

    Very good but I would like a little more apricot but I will buy again. Very good customer service.

  2. Beverly from Needham MA (verified owner)

    I had two packages of apricot rugelach sent to me by a family member. THEY ARE TERRIFIC.!!! Since I live alone, I made small packet or two or three and put them in the freezer. That worked well. I sent packages of raspberry as well as apricot rugelach as Thanksgiving remembrances.. They too very very much enjoyed.

  3. Lance Cantell (verified owner)

    It’s just wonderful & ma pleasure to enjoy, share and savor both kinds(apricot & raspberry)! All persons I sent them to are so delighted and will order them directly from you!
    They even said, their going to send me some too! Lol😘

  4. Connie Gabin (verified owner)

    What a treat! My family consumed them so quickly that this is my second order.

  5. Daryl Kade (verified owner)

    Excellent pastry! I am from NYC and these are the real thing! I bought an entire selection (ncluding apricot) and am freezing some for later. The delivery was fast and the packaging was done well; all arrived w/o any breaks in the plastic boxes or the rugelach themselves. Well done! Will be buying more in bulk!

  6. Sandi (verified owner)

    These were a gift for my husband who loves them!

  7. Esther Abramowitz (verified owner)

    Really Fresh! Really addictive!

  8. Robin Martin (verified owner)

    All I can say is that they were really good I enjoyed the apricot more so than the raspberry and I am going to try the cinnamon one next great job.

  9. Robin Martin (verified owner)

    I want to say that they are really good I really enjoyed the apricot not so much the raspberry. I’m gonna order the cinnamon next . Great job they’re really good.

  10. Karen Benjamin (verified owner)

    Arrived on time and the recipients loved the apricot flavor, just perfect.

  11. MB Malone (verified owner)

    OMG, these are delicious, I can’t stop eating them!!! Will definitely have to buy more!

  12. Stephanie cohen (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious!!! Love apricot and the dough was perfect!!!
    Delicious end to my holiday meal
    Thank you

  13. shlomo-orr (verified owner)

    Excellent. I would reduce sugar a bit and add a bit apricot.But excellent nevertheless.

  14. Mari Tank (verified owner)

    Bought these for my hubby, and he just loves them. Ty

  15. Sandi (verified owner)

    Our second order, and larger than the first! My husband (and I) really love these!

  16. Pamela Gammon (verified owner)

    I love rugelach and the apricot is outstanding. I warmed them up and had with coffee. So good!

  17. Hester M Black MD (verified owner)

    When I first went on Reisman’s website, I was looking only for the Poppy Seed Roll. In order to get free shipping, I had some additional item to the order. So I added the apricot rugelach…but they were absolutely outstanding!! Fresh and delicious is an understatement. I will be ordering them frequently since they are amazingly delectable at a great price and the process of ordering them was easy and efficient. Thank you Reisman’s!!!

  18. Roselyn Benitez-Curtis (verified owner)

    The Apricot Rugelach was Great! My husband and sons could not get enough of these. I was lucky to taste a few. Very delicious. Thanks

  19. Roselyn Benitez-Curtis (verified owner)

    My family and friends enjoyed the Raspberry rugelach. They reminded them of when a bakery was indeed a bakery with delicious pasteries and cookies. Baked fresh and tasty. The delivery was fast too. I will be ordering from you in the future. Thanks

  20. Eric Darrow (verified owner)

    A bit chewier than my Hungarian family made but well received and disappeared in a flash

  21. Vicki Carter (verified owner)

    I really love these apricot and raspberry rugelach. They are so so good! Great service as well!

  22. billy (verified owner)

    The apricot was delicious. Unfortunately, I ate them all within a morning. I had to ride an extra 20 miles on my bike to burn it off. I will be ordering them again in multiples. thank you…I have a great excuse to order again, I raved about the product, so I need to order so my spouse can try it as well.

  23. Catherine from NYC. (verified owner)

    Apricot rugelach – “simply delicious”. Bought 4 packages and gave to likeminded friends who like this pastry treat.
    We all agree. Best we have tasted in a long while. (Our respective grandmothers still make the best but their rugelach is but a memory.)
    Thank you Reisman’s.

  24. DEBORAH E RISINGER (verified owner)

    Love Reisman’s- if I lived in their town, I would stay stocked up!

  25. Diane (verified owner)

    Delicious… but a little too sweet for me. Will buy sugar free ones the next time.

  26. Renonda ambrose (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 apricot n raspberry all the way to Illinois. They are so delicious. Very satisfying. I will be ordering more. I have everyone at work eating now. Thank you.

  27. Francoise Marie Pataj (verified owner)

    Good rugelachs, but I wish they would be crisp and not so soft.

  28. Christa Richmond (verified owner)

    My husband’s favorite is the apricot rugelach. He enjoys it for a snack or after meal dessert. Right amount of apricot, not too sweet, made perfectly.
    A great treat. Highly recommend.

  29. Sandi Goswick (verified owner)

    I order these every year for my husband because they’re his very favorite!

  30. Patricia (verified owner)

    Just ordered these apricot rugelach because of the LOW SUGAR that’s in them.. They are very good and we will be reordering very soon..

  31. Susan Porjes (verified owner)

    I never could get my best friend’s mom to share her secret recipe for apricot rugelach. But buying them from you is the next best thing — and without all the work!

  32. C (verified owner)

    Simply put, I absolutely love the apricot rugelach. They are “out of this world” delicious.
    Thank you for creating these treats.

  33. Maureen Luby-Huey (verified owner)


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