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poppy seed roll

(73 customer reviews)





Packed with a traditional poppy seed filling and rolled into elegant log form, our classic Poppy Strip Roll is both centerpiece and ‘I’d love a piece’. From impromptu get together to well-deserved indulgent dessert, it’s the kind of treat that makes memories.

Additional Information

Additional information

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Dimensions 5.5 x 9 x 2.15

Reviews (73)

73 reviews for poppy seed roll

  1. Joanne Van Hook

    So Delicious!
    We are so impressed with this roll, but most importantly with the wonderful customer service that Reisman’s provides. They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers.

  2. Bruce Kepes

    Just like my mother and grandma from Magyar made. Don’t change the recipe.
    So happy I discovered you.

  3. JOHN BADIA (verified owner)


  4. Randy Schum (verified owner)

    A fantastic original made just like my grandmother leaned in Germany. I had not enjoyed that wonderful pastry for over 35 years and I am looking forward to treating myself and my friends over the holidays.

  5. Karen Lengel (verified owner)

    I must say I was a bit skeptical about ordering but this poppy seed roll is absolutely delicious. I will be reordering.

  6. Wayne Mclaughlin (verified owner)

    Very good desert. Will order again as gifts.
    Just like I remember as a young man in flushing Queens NY

  7. Tom fessenden (verified owner)

    Both poppy seed rolls came in a box 1 was normal, the other was half flat. We had your poppy seed roll and was delicious. Will order again.

  8. Arthur Bell (verified owner)

    Great tasting poppy seed roll, baked just right, not doughy. Will continue to purchase from Reismans….the best.

  9. Charles Petrilla (verified owner)

    Your Poppy Seed rolls are my favorite delicacy and I don’t just eat this
    excellent product around holidays, I enjoy this pastry all year long!

  10. Paula Skaar (verified owner)

    This wonderful poppy seed roll brings back childhood memories of my grandmother bring a similar “poppy seed bread” from a Minnesota bakery to our home for Christmas. Your roll has wonderfully sweet poppy seed filling in a tender bread roll that is amazing. Thank you for the memories!

  11. wWWw (verified owner)


  12. Richard Simunic (verified owner)

    Great taste and very fresh. It was shipped from NY city to Sf Bay Area. Really good quality

  13. Leo Goldstein (verified owner)

    It is amazingly good. It tastes almost like home made, very authentic.

  14. John (verified owner)

    Very Delicious, just like my Grandmother made.

  15. Carol Wulczak (verified owner)

    You have to wonder about the reviews when every single review is 5 stars! The poppyseed rolls arrived on time and very well packaged. Bubble wrap and each roll in its own plastic container. The product is fresh and tasty but it is not a sweet bread made with yeast. So if you are expecting a sweet bread like your grandma made from Eastern Europe, this is not it. The poppyseed center is gooey and totally falls apart when you cut into it. You have to eat it in pieces LOL! I was hoping it would have the consistency of a firm sweet bread but it is still good.

  16. Nancy C. (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious and very fresh! We’ve demolished one roll and placed the other two in the freezer. The individual rolls are placed in a roll-sized plastic baggie and then into a hard plastic container. Ours did not crumble when sliced. I used one of those thin “forever sharp” knives with serrated edge & the slices were perfect. I’ve been searching for decades to find poppyseed rolls rivaling my Slovakian grandmother’s. Hers had thicker layers of light bread between the layers of poppyseed. Pretty sure she used yeast, too. Nonetheless, Reisman’s version is delicious.

  17. Bethtass (verified owner)

    My favorite Reisman”s item! So most and delicious. I highly recommend this item! Yummmmmy!

  18. Karen (verified owner)

    I tasted this treat some years ago when I happened upon it at a Russian grocery store. It’s been wonderful to find it again. It’s the Hamantaschen of my childhood and it is identical in tast , soft dough and sweet poppyseed but not too sweet. Wonderful. Thanks

  19. Bambi (verified owner)

    Was excited to order this product as my family loves poppyseed roll, and it got such good reviews, but I did not care for this recipe at all. The other products I ordered were very good 5 stars ( black and white cookies, chocolate babka and the raspberry and apricot hamentachen. Delivery was quick and very well packaged. Will order again just not the poppyseed roll.

  20. Jenny J Lisak (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC poppy seed rolls!!!

  21. Michael A Chervenak (verified owner)

    This poppy seed roll is amazing. There are no stores or bakeries in my area that sell it. You would think in Pennsylvania with a large Polish and German culture you would find it. Your rolls are great. So fresh too. I will be buying again.

  22. John Bychkowski (verified owner)

    Very good quality and packaging. Better then a competitor I used previously. Liked the texture of the bread. Good price.

  23. Frank R (verified owner)

    The first time I got this it was delicious but this time around it was very soggy like if it was sitting around for a while

  24. Rikki Gottlieb (verified owner)

    Excellent. Fresh and tasty!

  25. LenM (verified owner)

    I don’t normally order products like this online, but in this case I’m very glad I did! The amount of poppyseed filling is amazing…I haven’t seen rolls filled this much in decades. I’ll definitely be reordering more soon!

  26. Cathy N (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the poppyseed roll and the service. My husband says it’s the closest thing to his aunt’s poppyseed roll that he’s ever found.

  27. DeniseRupnik

    Very happy with my order. Poppy seed rolls were moist, tasty & very full. Very pleased with my order. Ordered on Sunday & received by Thursday. No complaints here

  28. Patricia Baker (verified owner)

    I shared this with my family and friends and we all really, really, like the poppyseed rolls. Also, very quick delivery.

  29. Al Huntz (verified owner)

    WOW! WOW! WOW!
    The poppyseed rolls were awesome. They were even better than I thought they would be! Fresh, good amount of filling and very tasty.
    You shipped to North Carolina and we received order in 2 days!! Can’t say enough good about our experience with Reisman’s. One thing I can say………..we WILL be ordering again from you!!!

  30. Krystyna (verified owner)

    Great tasting poppy seed roll, baked just right, not doughy.

  31. Nancy O Maynard (verified owner)

    Poppy kolache is a family favorite and Reisman’s Poppy seed roll is the best by far, so delicious. We make sure we have plenty on hand for all of the family holidays! Thank you for making it so easy for those of us away from the city, to enjoy!!! You are the best

  32. Jane s (verified owner)

    Have finally found the roll of my childhood after searching for years. And, its the most reasonably priced, even with postage! Customer service is impeccable. Thanks,Reisman’s,

  33. Jenny (verified owner)

    i can attest…the best!!

  34. Erna Zelic (verified owner)

    Prefer this to the yeast variety. Arrived fresh, moist, no
    skimping on poppy seeds. Delicious!!! In the U.S., can
    only be found at Jewish Bakeries, and I found mine at
    Reismans ( ordering from Seattle ). I feel that the price
    is very reasonable but even if it increases due to
    inflation I will keep ordering. Lastly, it freezes well so
    makes sense to buy more than just one.

  35. Tom Borowski (verified owner)

    The poppy seed roll is absolutely fabulous. Very moist and tasty. It makes for a very special treat!!!!!

  36. Cindy

    My brother sent a poppy seed roll for my birthday, it was every bit as good as the one he makes me ea year for Easter. I would highly recommend trying one of their rolls. Very yummy

  37. Richard Rj Balazsi (verified owner)

    I was and am very pleased with the taste and quality of the poppy seed rolls. I am happy that I continued searching for this product on line, because I was not able to find your product anywhere in Arizona. Even the pictures of this product from other establishments never looked as good. While living in CT, prior to 2005, I was able to purchase a similar product from a local bakery in Ansonia, CT, but that bakery had closed. I will continue to enjoy your company and products in the near future. Thank you.

  38. Don (verified owner)

    So delicious. Best I’ve ever tasted. You have a new customer.

  39. MaryAnn S., Adam B., and Jeanette M. (verified owner)

    Just like Mom’s. Shared the recent order with my brother & sister.
    All of us say, many thanks to your bakers. Can’t send thanks enough.
    Way generous on the Poppy Seed filing.

  40. Howard A (verified owner)

    Boy do I miss this….I can’t seem to find hardly any bakery that still makes them.
    This Poppy Loaf was so satisfying, delicious and fresh. I am savoring each and every slice, but trying to pace myself. A hard to resist baked good

  41. Selwyn Berman (verified owner)

    We had bought apoppy seed rolls from a different baker and thought that we should try Reisman’s. The consensus was that the Reiaman’s roll is more moist and tastier and we all loved it. will definitely come back for more and more.

  42. Leisa Dotson (verified owner)

    Just received mine today. Thank you!!
    This is so flippin yummy!!! The reviews sold me on purchasing and now that I have it – holy moly this is seriously delicious!! Will buy again with no hesitation! Fast shipping and arrived fresh, moist, and soft – plus the free sample LOVE IT!!!

  43. Beth Klucher (verified owner)

    So fresh and delicious. Just like my grandmother would bake. Thank you.

  44. Mari Tank (verified owner)

    It was so good. Brought back some of my old memories.

  45. Janet (verified owner)

    Poppy Seed Roll was very fresh and delicious

  46. Nancy Darlene (verified owner)

    These are so delicious! My mom was from PA and we live in south MS. We grew up eating poppyseed roll at Christmas time either mailed to us from our aunt or when we could get the filling my mom would make it.
    These were a holiday tradition and since my mom and aunt have both passed away, this is the next best thing. I’ve been ordering them for the last several years ….once I found them!! And always so fresh and delivered timely.

  47. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best! Love Reisman’s!

  48. Richard Simunic (verified owner)

    Great poppy seed roll. My grandmothers were both from
    Croatia and they made klach just like Reisman’s. What a treat

  49. Cathy N (verified owner)

    The best poppyseed roll since my aunts.

  50. FiveCats (verified owner)

    I had been searching for mohnstollen. I found this poppy seed roll instead. It’s different than mohnstollen but just as good.

  51. Judy A Weiland (verified owner)

    very good flavor and not high in sugar

  52. Steve Sibenik (verified owner)

    Just a great product! Baked and filled just right! Wow!

  53. Peggy

    Good and fresh! Great job!

  54. Chuck Cockrell (verified owner)

    Delicious, had this shipped to me and it was as fresh as if I was there when they made it. Very tasty should have ordered two because this one did not last long

  55. Keith Zelinski (verified owner)

    This took me back in time to when I was a child. I can’t believe I found a poppy seed roll that was just like the one we had at my grandmother’s at Christmas. As I get older alot of those childhood memories have started to fade. One bite and that sweet smell brought back sites, warm holiday smells and people long gone. This will be part of my Christmas celebration hopefully for many more years to come! I had mine shipped everything was perfect!

  56. Paula (verified owner)

    Brings back good memories of when my grandmother would make poppyseed bread for the holidays. I always buy two rolls, one to eat now and one to put in the freezer for a few weeks later.

  57. Rob Blaze (verified owner)

    Delicious! My grandmother would always make a poppy seed roll for the holidays and it was one of my favorite desserts. I gift these Reisman’s Poppy Seed rolls to my family each year to keep her memory alive, and everyone loves them! My aunt calls it “Makowiec” which is the Polish word/version.

  58. Gwen (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Almost as good as grandma’s!!!

  59. Diane M (verified owner)

    Poppy seed rolls were a Christmas staple for our family. Have not had any since my father died years ago. I was happy to find Reisman’s on line. Ordering was simple and delivery was fast. Eating poppy seed roll Christmas morning brought back many happy memories and it was DELICIOUS.

  60. jane szczepaniak (verified owner)

    Exactly as when I was a kid. No distracting bells and whistles to detract from the traditional flavor and texture. Great personal service to boot!

  61. Attila (verified owner)

    Surprisingly close to the Hungarian beigli or kalacs, fast delivery,decent price!! Thanks a lot for adding some Hungarian fleur to Xmas?

  62. Theresa Teresavage (verified owner)

    The poppyseed roll was delicious. It was moist and had enough of raisins. Definitely a winner and I will be ordering again.

  63. Christine Kern (verified owner)


  64. David Panckeri (verified owner)

    Poppyseed roll is worth every penny. There are layers of poppyseed mixed with the sweet dough. I got it 72 hours after I ordered. It was right out of the oven fresh. A steal of a deal.

  65. Eva Szabo (verified owner)

    The poppy seed roll arrived extremely moist and delicious and therefore I would recommend it to everyone!

  66. Chuck C (verified owner)

    This is by far the best poppyseed roll that I have found online. My first order disappeared in one day, so I ordered to this time and it made it three days. Everyone craved on how fresh it was. Great job keep it up.

  67. Denice Wetzel (verified owner)

    Delicious! Just like my grandma used to make. Love thicker poppyseed filling.

  68. Missie Bent

    This poppy seed roll reminds me of my childhood. In all these years this is the first time I’ve had anything even close to my family’s poppy seed rolls! Very good & will buy again!

  69. Dan Orband (verified owner)

    Just like the poppy seed buchta my mom used to make! This was my third order. Love this stuff!

  70. Margarita Gershik-Gleyzer (verified owner)

    Delicious! It is so hard to find a poppy roll this good. I enjoy it every time! And the delivery is so quick. Thank you!

  71. Na (verified owner)

    I personally love this! But the kids were looking for poppy seed hamantaschen. Unfortunately you were sold out. I loved the poppy seed filling and rolled into this was frankly wonderful. I was in heaven eating this. But the kids said d it’s not just the filling it’s your delicate cookie around the filling. Wish you made hamantaschen’s all year.

  72. Chuck Cockrell (verified owner)

    Just like the old neighborhood back in Slavic Village. Very quick turnaround product very fresh when it arrived

  73. Germaine (verified owner)

    Always fresh & yummy.
    I order every couple months & appreciate free shipping.

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