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cinnamon strip roll

(10 customer reviews)





Packed with a rich cinnamon filling and rolled into elegant log form, our classic Cinnamon Strip Roll is both centerpiece and ‘I’d love a piece’. From impromptu get together to well-deserved indulgent dessert, it’s the kind of treat that makes memories.

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 5.5 x 9 x 2.15

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for cinnamon strip roll

  1. Fred Schattall (verified owner)

    Perfect – slightly warmed – cup of coffee – made my day

  2. Charles Petrilla (verified owner)

    In addition to all your other wonderful products I’ve reviewed I believe
    your cinnamon roll is one of the best!

  3. Frank R (verified owner)

    Cinnamon roll had a good flavor

  4. MaryRose Henninger (verified owner)

    It was very good but a lot better when warmed.Also needed way more cinnamon ofcourse that’s my opinion.

  5. Tom Borowski (verified owner)

    Your poppyseed and cinnamon rolls are absolutely fabulous. My guests rave about them and I know why. They are the best we have eaten in ages.

  6. Carl (verified owner)

    Tasted pretty good. Didn’t have a strong cinnamon flavor as most cinnamon based products.

  7. Cyn Marvaso (verified owner)

    Coming from a Slavic background, I grew up making nut and poppyseed rolls. I tried the cinnamon roll out of curiosity and loved it! Always best warmed up with a cup of tea! I ordered another!

  8. William G. (verified owner)

    The poppy seed and cinnamon rolls were outstanding. My polish father in law enjoyed his poppy seed roll as well.

  9. Beverly Stern (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Moist and flavorful Cinnamon Babka, my personal favorite. I love to give Reisman’s products for gifts for many occasions. Reviews by recipients are always terrific.

  10. Chanie Perelmuter (verified owner)

    The cinnamon roll was so fresh, soft and delicious! Our Shul members were very happy.

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