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sugar free hamantaschen

(11 customer reviews)





No sugar. No lie. You’ll want to share these tempting triangles of classic cookie dough and flavorful fruit filling with family and friends. Enjoy a few Sugar Free Hamentashen throughout the day with coffee, tea, milk, and no guilt.

11 oz. per container

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Each Container Contains Approximately 11 Hamentashen
Dimension 7.5 x 6.5 x 3

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for sugar free hamantaschen

  1. rockgram (verified owner)

    These are terrific. The cookies are moist and very tasty.

  2. David Torres (verified owner)

    they are great

  3. E Vaz

    I bought a box last night at my local ShopRite and from the first bite, I fell in love with these cookies. They taste great. Would definitely recommend these to my friends and family.

  4. David Cohen (verified owner)

    sugar free hamentashen are wonderful, they melt in my mouth.
    I am very carful to only consume one at a time, so they last longer

  5. Samantha Shine (verified owner)

    Fresh and delicious. Quick delivery and amazingly good. You’ll never miss the sugar! Until I bake them myself, you have a customer!

  6. Sandy B. (verified owner)

    I ordered two of the sugar-free Hamentashen (for me) and two of the regular Hamentashen (for my husband) for Purim. The other day he told me that he inadvertently ate a few of the sugar-free cookies and found them to be quite tasty! I told him, for now, to please stick with the regular ones, and next time I will order sugar-free only 🙂
    Reisman’s makes terrific Hamentashen!!

  7. EDWARD LIPSITZ (verified owner)

    I’ve only been waiting for this treat for months now. And it is well worth the wait. The cookie is soft and moist and the raspberry, well, all I can say is wow. I just wish it was available more often.

  8. Felisa (verified owner)

    Very tasty. I am watching my sugar intake and my hubby is diabetic. Only wish they had sugar free raspberry rugalach.

  9. Linda (verified owner)

    Fabulous. Very moist and tasty.

  10. Tari Modes (verified owner)

    I use to bake them myself when I was much younger. Thanks for letting me still share them with family and friends. They are delicious.Tari

  11. Lasman, Herb (verified owner)

    Thrilled to be able to eat hamentashen for Purim, especially the sugar free. They taste just like my mother used to make many, many years ago. I will certainly be re-ordering. Resman’s is now my #1 favorite bakery!

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