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bulk prune hamentashen 7 lbs

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Some say there are two sides to every story. How about three? The tale of these tempting triangles begins with classic cookie dough shaped in tradition; in the middle, a delectable fruity filling; and sweet memories tie it all together for a happy ending you’ll keep telling.

7 lbs per box

Approximately 100 pieces per 7 lb box

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 112 oz
Each Box Contains Approximately 100 pieces

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1 review for bulk prune hamentashen 7 lbs

  1. rfmezzy (verified owner)

    Sublime treats, delivered in just a few days from ordering. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found Reisman’s Bakery. The cookie part of the hamentashen is just delicious, and that is key. I bought 7 lbs., and froze a lot of them (Reisman’s said that was okay to do). For those who wish there was more prune butter in them, just buy some prune butter and frost your hamentashen yourself!!

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