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Cookies & Cream Cups

40 Mins

about 15 desserts



1 Bag Reisman’s Fudge Filled Soft Chip Cookies
16 oz non-dairy whip topping
1 jar (440 gr) cookie cream, such as Lotus Biscoff Spread
1 Bar two-tone Pareve Chocolate, shaved into curls


Prep 20 Mins Finish 20 Mins

Cut each cookie into 6 wedges.
Whip Cream until almost stiff, add cookie cream and whip until stiff.
Put cream in piping bag with plain ½” round hole.
Pipe cream into dessert glasses until 1/3 full.
Place about 4 cookie pieces on top of cream. Pipe more cream on top of cookies.
Top with chocolate curls.