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NY Press 2004

As I strolled down Essex Street on a recent afternoon, I noticed something strange about an otherwise ordinary threesome of garrulous black teens passing me on the sidewalk. One of the boys was holding a square sheet of matzoh, ready to take a bite. I made note of the episode for its novelty value, but afterward didn’t give it too much thought. Whereas I had to eat it eight days

Kosher Facts – Ami Magazine

Brownie Makeover

Two Brothers and Their Three-Cornered Cookies

10 Questions for Reisman’s Bakery By M. Lowinger Let’s play a game. I’ll tell you a word and you tell me what that word brings to mind. Ready? Here goes. “Purim!” For most people reading this column, the word “Purim” brought up images of hamantashen. And when you’re talking about hamantashen the hamantash that come to mind is inevitably Reisman’s ubiquitous three-cornered nosh. In a world filled with self-proclaimed foodies

Mango Hamentashen in Mexico

While many bakeries are associated with the city they serve, a kosher wholesale bakery crosses geographical boundaries, bringing traditional tastes to consumers thousands of miles away from the delicious aromas of their industrial-sized ovens.For Reisman’s bakery, the story began in 1962 with a small operation on the corner of Avenue O and West 7th in Brooklyn. Today, Reisman’s range of kosher baked goods is distributed by Pathmark, Shoprite, A &P,